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Abus uGrip white

Product code: 291


Quick Overview:

Abus U-locks uGrips 501 are a classic when it comes to securing bicycles. The Abus bike locks are no exception: high security level, solid materials and no moving parts are an excellent starting point for the strongest locks possible. Tested by the best certification institutes (SBSC, Art 4045, Sold Secure and VareFakta) and receiving the label of high security of 13 out of 15, this lock is perfect for high security risk areas. Besides, with the innovative soft synthetic coating of Abus this lock will not damage your bike.

Check out this beautiful Abus u-lock in three different colors and order easily online.


Abus U-locks uGrips 501 Dimensions

- 225 x 95 x 13 mm
- 1,65kg

Abus U-locks uGrips 501 Details

- ABUS power cell technology patented offers highest protection against hitting and pulling attacks
- Innovative soft synthetic coating of the shackle and lock body to prevent damaging the bicycle
- High security level 13 out of 15
- 13mm square shackle
- Shackle double bolted in the lock body
- Made of special hardened steal
- Automatic keyhole cover to cover against dirt and corrosion
- 2 keys are supplied with one led-key
- ABUS Code Card for additional or replacement keys
- Art. no. 58487 black, 58488 white, 58489 lime
- Tested by: SBSC, Art 4045, Sold Secure and VareFakta
- Bracket for mounting on the bicycle
- Delivery: app 5 – 8 days

Check out this beautiful Abus u-lock in three different colors and order easily online.

Helpful lock-up tips

1. Always lock your bike, especially at home. This includes your garage, patio, yard, college residence hall, apartment building, when carrying on a car rack, etc.
2. Lock your bike in a well-lit area where there are other bikes.
3. Do not lock your bike in the same location all the time.
4. Make sure your bike cannot be lifted over the object it is locked to.
5. Create a snug fit with wheels and frame so that there is little space in the u-portion of the u-lock for a thief’s tools.
6. Do not lock your bike to itself – front wheel or rear wheel to frame.
7. Always position your u-lock with keyway facing down.
8. If you're only locking one wheel, it is recommended that you capture the rear wheel as part of your lock-up. Replacement cost for the rear wheel can be up to double the cost of the front wheel.

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