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Bicycles and online orders

How does it work when you order a bicycle online? How is the bicycle delivered to you? And if needed, what is the return policy and change policy? Here you will find more information about ordering your bicycle online.


1. Ordering bicycles online

Is ordering a book online the same as ordering a bicycle online? There some differences like a book is easier to ship compared to a complete bicycle. Also a bike has more parts, accessories and possibilities compared to a book. However, apart from the size and the accessories ordering a bicycle online is almost the same as ordering a book online.

On our website you can easily select the products and if needed the options for that specific product. After confirming the order we will start processing it and prepare the bicycle for shipment in a high quality parcel. At the moment of shipment we will send you the shipment confirmation including the tracking number so you can follow the shipment online. At the time of delivery it’s best if someone is present to sign for the delivery and receive the parcel. Please note: Accept only a parcel that is looking decent, please put damaged parcels on ‘hold’ with the courier and contact us how to proceed.

In the situation that you are not present at the time of the delivery the courier has two options. He can deliver the parcel to one of your neighbors and leave a small notification of this or he can try to redeliver the next business day. If this happensplease be sure to be present at the time of redelivery. Otherwise there will be a risk that the parcel will be shipped back to our warehouse. If you know beforehand that you will not be present the second time of delivery, please contact us or the delivery company to arrange the delivery in another way.


2. The installation of the bicycle

Unfortunately complete fully installed bicycles are too big to ship. The bicycles we deliver are first installed and then taken apart to fit in the box for shipment. This means there are some small parts still to be installed, for example the saddle, the pedals, the handlebars and the front wheel. You also have to check other parts of the bicycle and, if needed, adjust and tighten them.

It's possible to assemble the bike yourself with basic knowledge of bicycles however we always recommend assembling the bicycle with a professional. The bicycle will be safer and ride better when assembled and tuned properly. A local bicycle shop can do this for you for a small compensation for their work time. If you want we can also ship the bicycle directly to the local bicycle shop.


3. How to choose the correct bicycle and if needed how to return

How do I know if this is the correct bicycle for me without trying it? Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a bicycle from the Internet without trying it or testing it. These are some helpful suggestions about how to order the correct bicycle for you.

a)    Know what you want
Are you looking for a Fixed Gear Bike or a Retro Bicycle or maybe a Design Bicycle? And what kind of handlebars do you prefer? Do you want a mudguard or not? If you already know the answers to these questions it’s much more easier to find the correct bicycle for you.

b)   Choose the correct frame size
In the product details of the bicycles you will find more details about the different frame sizes and biker lengths. From our experience these suggestions on frame size and biker lengths are almost always correct. Sometimes a person can have particular sizes, for example longer legs compared to the upper body or visa versa. In this situation, please contact our customer service and we will gladly help you to pick the correct frame size.

c)   If needed returning the product is possible
In the situation that you ordered a product and you are not happy with it, the size or colour is not correct, you can return the product. It is important is that you inform us maximum of 14 days after delivery and that the product has not been used = still new. We will check the product after your return and we will sell this product again to another customer. In this situation outlined above, the costs of returning are covered by the customer, if we make a faulty or wrong delivery the return shipment is at our costs. In this situation we will take the product back and try to deliver correctly the second time.

Do you have any questions or do you want to know more? We gladly answer all your questions by email or telephone.



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