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Roll Bag Sesia Caramel

Product code: 553


Quick Overview:

Leather Roll Bag Sesia Caramel is one of the best methods of bringing your gear with you on the bicycle. Beautiful old school roll bag with three different pockets. Available in black, brown, caramel, beige, red, blue and green leather. Are you looking for some retro inspiration? The leather roll bag Sesia is perfect for you and your bicycle.

Don't wait and start customizing your bicycle with these beautiful leather roll bag Caramel caramel!

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Leather Roll Bag Sesia Caramel

Vegetable-tanned natural leather
Hand Made
Thickness: 2x1,5mm
Stainless steel bucket
Finished edges
Strap length: 87cm
Width: 26cm
Length: 32cm
Weight: 200g
Three pockets: 1x 26x8cm, 1x 25x8cm, 1x 22,5x10cm
Delivery: app. 7 - 12 days (production starts after ordering)

Please note, the products inside the roll bag are example products and are NOT included with the product. Note 2: this product is hand-made and from real leather. Every single product can differ a little bit thanks to that. Besides leather ages beautiful and can change over time and exposure to sunlight, water and different temperatures. Leather products age beatiful and will endure more when correctly taken care of.

Optional: Set for leather care
Leather balsam includes beeswax and avocado oil (30ml), leather soap from glycerin, lanolin and coconut oil (50ml), microfiber cloth (32x32 cm) and melamine sponge. See image above.

Don't wait and start customizing your bicycle with these beautiful leather roll bag Sesia caramel!

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