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Christmas Gifts: Wheel lights, bike locks, New Bicycles: Mosco Retro and Noon Fixies


Christmas Gifts: Wheel lights Tokyo, DS Ohio bike locks, New Bicycles: Mosco Retro and Noon Fixies


Wheel Lights LED Tokyo 010

Wheel Lights LED Tokyo 010

Safety first but in style with the bicycle Wheel Lights Tokyo 010. The special LED high visible lights create a spectacular view on a moving bike wheel and creates a high visible wheel. The Tokyo 010 is mounted to your wheel between the spokes and on the hub of you wheel. With the 4 bright LED lights and 5 theme's you have full colour lighting of your wheel.
Besides the Tokyo 010 we have also more complete wheel lights available with the models Tokyo 011 and Tokyo 012. Check them out on our website too! Safety first, bike safe at night and in style with the wheel lights Tokyo. Click on the image and order now easily online.
A perfect Christmas Gift!

Bicycle Locks DS Ohio

DS Ohio Bicycle Locks

Bike in style with the hand made Ohio DS bike lock. The cable lock is made of rope, cable and real leather and is 6,5mm thick galvanized steel cable hidden inside the hemp manila rope. This combination creates the strength of a normal cable lock. The clamp is covered by rope plus leather and is fastened down with epoxied screws.
Real bike fanatics will love this bicycle lock. Besides lock is built to endure the most punishing conditions. Click on the image to go directly to our website and order before Christmas to receive FREE SHIPPING! Ps order now, before we run out of stock!
Retro Bicycles Mosco Ladies Blue

Mosco Blue Ladies Retro Bicycles

The Mosco Retro City Bicycles are the perfect bicycles for in the city. The bike is easy to use, practical, comfortable and very beautiful. With the 1 or 3 speed Shimano Nexus gear you are comfortable peddling though every wind or up to every bridge with the speed you like. The Schwalbe tires and the Brooks saddle are beautiful accessories that complete the bike perfectly. Click on the image to dicover all the details. Only available at The Bike Messenger!

Noon Fixies

Noon Fixies with wood-a-like painting

The Noon Fixies/ Fixed Gear Bikes are beautiful artisanal painted fixie bicycles. The theme of the Goliat Bikes is ‘Born In Nature’ and mimics the natural shapes, colours and wood tones. The Noon Fixies are steel bicycles with high quality accessories and now available in Cherry wood (model Noon), Pine wood (model Daybreak) and Ebony wood (model Twilight). Click on the image and discover them all on our website!

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