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Striping Niigata Orange

Product code: 251


Quick Overview:

Increase visibility at night with the Reflective Wheel Striping Niigata! Choose your size and colour and convert your bike wheels into full reflectors at night. The reflective striping are made of special retro-reflective materials that reflects light back to the source, even if it isn't straight on. This means the light of an approaching car at the dark will bounce back towards the car and the driver.

Please note:
– One product is enough for both sides of one wheel. For full striping on both wheels, two products are needed.
– The Niigata Reflective Wheel Stripes have to be applied between the braking surface and the spokes. NEVER on the braking surface of the wheel!

Be safe at night and bike in style with the Niigata bicycle striping!


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What size striping do I need?

The size of the wheel striping you have to choose depends on the type of rims on your bike. The rim is the metal ring in which the tire fits to. We have several sizes availible and the Niigata striping will fit almost on every modern-day rim.

a) 7mm for Rim Brakes (See piceture example with Red Reflective Stripes)
These stripes are designed to fit between the braking surface and and the spokes.
(if the surface between the braking surface and the spokes are less than 7mm unfortunately the Reflective Stripes can't be used!)

b) 13mm for Deep V-Rims and Rim Brakes (See picture example with Yellow Reflective Stripes)
Over twice as much reflective surface area. These stripes are specially designed to fit a aero-style/ deep-v rims in the area between the spokes and the braking surface.

Delivery: App 3 – 7 days
Be safe at night and bike in style with the Niigata bicycle striping!

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