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Our Story

The Bike Messenger started out of a passion for bikes. Jurjen Hallegraeff, the owner, was born in 1983 in The Netherlands where there is an important cycling culture.

Dutch people use their bicycle to go to work, in their spare time and to go on holiday. Their children, friends and lovers are all coming along on the bike with them. There is an amazing cycle infrastructure, special traffic rules and more bikes then people!

Jurjen decided to combine the functional Dutch way of biking with his love for technique, gadgets and travelling. For his sports and previous work he travelled often to many European cities such as Berlin and Milan and noticed a growing interest in bikes. He saw how the bicycle community got interested to personalize their bike by finding the perfect gadgets such as leather grips. 

He started to see the connection between the people of the various cities and their need for inspiration and knowledge. This, combined with his aim for entrepreneurship, were the starting points for this exclusive, inspirational and personal bike loving website.


Jurjen Hallegraeff

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