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How To Search

Are you looking for Fixed Gear Bikes, Retro Bikes, Design Bikes, Bike Accessories, Bike Lights but don't know how to find them on our website? There are several methods of how to search on the website of The Bike Messenger – You can choose between:

The website has several categories divided by product type like Bikes, Lights, Accessories with several sub-categories. You can find these categories in the header of the website. Examples of sub-categories are Fixed Gear Bikes – Retro Bicycles - or Lights. Depending on your interests you can search the website divided by interests and categories.

If you know the name of the product, detail or type of product you can use the search bar at the top of each webpage from On the top of the page you can insert your product name and click on the 'GO' button to start the search. For example: if you are looking for a fixed gear bike named New York you can insert this word 'Fixed' in the search bar and click the 'GO' button. The website will give you several search results based on these names and hopefully the result you are looking for.

Still having problems finding the correct products? Please contact us by email: info @ or call us for more information.  


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